Gifts of Grace Online Assessment


Welcome! The Gifts of Grace tests are a comprehensive gift profile that identifies your Spiritual Fingerprint which includes five main areas that we call the "5 P’s:" Passion, Power, Personality, Place, and Purpose.

  • Your passion is the fire in your heart, which is your Kingdom vision that produces significance and direction.
  • Power is the spiritual gifts that are given to you by God through the Holy Spirit; it is God’s power in you.
  • Your personality is how you are energized to serve.
  • Your place is where you use these gifts.
  • Purpose is the reason you were created to serve.

Gifts of Grace combines the 5P’s to determine a “fit” for serving in ministry and an understanding of how God has uniquely designed him or her. The purpose of finding your spiritual fit is so you can be used by the power of the Holy Spirit to have eternal Kingdom impact.

Getting the correct spiritual fit will take you beyond survival mode or just incremental improvement and enable you to exceed other people’s expectations when you exercise your gifts the way God gifted you! This will energize you as you serve at full strength!

PLEASE NOTE! You will need 30-45 minutes to complete this assessment. Do not start unless you will be able to complete it in its entirety. Saving is not available.